Selected Projects


December 2021

  • python
  • fastapi
  • programming

Hapy is a Hausa-based programming language that compiles to Python. We made Hapy so that Hausa kids that don’t know English can still learn aspects of programming. Hapy started out as our final school project, but I intend to continue developing it.

What I did:

  • Initiated some of the ideas and was de facto project manager
  • Built the compiler using Python
  • Made the CLI using Click.
  • Assisted in designing and developing the project website.
  • Worked on parts of the Final Report
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November 2021

  • python
  • AI
  • fastapi
  • google colab

Quiztory uses a simple Machine Learning technique to generate basic quiz questions from Wikipedia articles. I focused on articles on Nigerian history and the questions were mostly “when-” ones. It’s actually so basic. I’m including it here because it’s my only AI project yet. It was the semester project for an AI class.

What I did:

  • Idea
  • With help from various tutorials I developed the algorithm to take a chunk of text and extract the data I need to transform into questions.
  • Also wrote the paper, I might try to publish but it’s not much lol
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August 2020

  • vuejs
  • nodejs
  • django
  • social network

Bubbl is a social network for campuses. We wanted to create localized social networks that hid everything else. Each ‘bubbl’ is embedded within a bigger ‘bubbl’. That means the smallest Bubbl was your estate, for example, that estate was in another Bubbl, your city, which was in another Bubbl, your country, and so on up to the global Bubbl.

We took inspiration from how local newspapers only reported local news but a local story could ‘Bubbl up’ to be a National or Global sensation. We only implemented a minimal version of the idea; not the embedded part. Maybe someday…

What I did:

  • Came up with ideas and strategies.
  • Developed the web app using VueJs and Vuetify.
  • Worked on a basic passwordless Auth system that enabled students to use their school email to login to Bubbl.
  • Made a link proxy to provide shareable links with better SEO.
  • Worked with the rest of the team to do Marketing.
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March 2020

  • js
  • vuejs
  • expressjs

FoodBae was a food delivery service we started in school that allowed students to place orders in batches to spread delivery costs. I called it Food Pooling.

What I did:

  • Designed and developed the entire system; I used ExpressJs to render the pages and added VueJS for dynamic components.
  • Setup the database and hosting with MongoDB and Heroku.
  • Designed the logo and other marketing materials for both projects.


September 2017

  • idea-only
  • grit
  • hope

FeedMe was a food delivery service I envisioned in my first year at AUN. I bought a bicycle and fixed a delivery box at the back. It never got started. 3 years later I tried another food delivery idea, see FoodBae.

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